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When can I expect to receive my cards?

We aim to get your cards to you as fast as possible, despatching them within three working days of receiving your order by first class post.

If you haven't had them within 10 days of ordering them though, let us know and we'll resend.

How much will I have to pay in postage?

Our postage charges are based on Royal Mail prices for first class post, plus a little bit extra for wrapping. 

  • Between 1-4 cards count as a letter, and cost 70p

  • 5-10 cards count as a large letter, and cost £1.40

  • 11-50 cards constitute a small parcel, at £3.70

  • 51-100 cards work out at £6.00

Any more than that, contact us and we'll work out an individual postage cost for you.

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