The new face of pin numbers

Cor, we are on trend. Simon, my husband, has just sent me an article on how the banks are working on a system that will allow people to log into their accounts using four emoji characters instead of a pin number.

Apparently the thinking is that this will be more secure than numbers as it offers 480 times more permutations, and ‘prevents hackers from identifying common and easily obtainable numerical codes, like a date of birth or a wedding anniversary’.

It might also prevent so many people from forgetting their pin numbers, as research has shown that humans are better at remembering images than figures.

As you might imagine, we’ve been having fun deciding on what our new pin numbers will look like, featuring our Emoticards. After some debate, I think this might be mine:

Umm – except that now you know how to get into my bank account.

I’m afraid that means I’ll have to kill you...

#emoji #pinnumber #emoticon

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