Seagulls and St Cuthbert

We've just got back from a lovely week away, up north at our regular holiday spot in Seahouses, Northumberland. Empty beaches, enormous glowing views, fresh sea air and... ahhh, rela-a-a-x!

As always though, I've come home with a full sketch book and a head stuffed with ideas. The trouble is, every time we stand in the harbour there and look out at the Farne Islands, I find myself thinking about St Cuthbert (as you do) - one of those ferocious monks who marched in on the Ancient Brits to teach them what was what about Christianity. Finding the mainland a bit busy for his liking though, he settled out on the Farnes in a teeny little cave and conducted his mission from there. That's all very well in beautiful weather - I quite fancy it myself in fact - but this is the North Sea we're talking about. The weather can be not just bad but dreadful: screaming winds, freezing rain, howling seas, the lot.

We were discussing this once when my husband said thoughtfully, 'well it could have been worse - at least he had plenty of gullfriends'.

And 'ping!' the range of gull cards was born. 'Gullfriends' led to 'gull talk', which precipitated 'gull meets buoy'... and so on (you can see them all by clicking here). They've been such a hit, the shops in Seahouses have requested we double the number in the range, which means lots more gull jokes in the pipeline - to hit the shelves as soon as we can get them painted. And that's without even considering puffins, of which there are gazillions on the same islands.

So in a round about way you see, it's all St Cuthbert's fault that we're so busy!

#seagulls #StCuthbert #Seahouses #FarneIslands #Northumberland #gullfriend

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