The right cattitude

Unlocking the car a few weeks ago brought the neighbour's cat zooming out from beneath it. He looked so scandalised that his expression made me laugh.

I remembered that expression when contemplating the very imminent arrival of my own 50th birthday. Fifty, for heaven's sake... how did that happen??

Black cat, amazed and horrified at me being 50!

So in honour of the occasion or commiseration with myself or something, I drew the cat, looking outraged at the thought of anyone being so old.

Then, because card ranges are not all about me obviously, I drew a whole lot more cats, looking variously peeved, bored and otherwise unimpressed by birthdays.

Well, they managed to make me feel more cheerful - you can see them all on the Cattitude page in the shop. Perhaps they'll bring a smile to your day too!

#cat #birthday #50 #fiftieth #outraged

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