Why a card says so much more

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'Anyone feels great when they receive an unexpected card in the mail. For me, there’s nothing like a greeting card to send a special message,' said John Beeder, the former President of the Greeting Card Association. And I agree.

Let me explain more…

It was my birthday recently. A BIG one. I’m not really a sentimental person, but I do like to send people cards and to receive them. So, there I was on my big day, waiting for the 'plop' of letters onto my mat. Sure enough, a fluttering of brightly coloured envelopes came through my letter box and all was good with the world…or so I thought. But then I realised that there were only four cards in the 'pile', all from members of the family.

Where were the cards from my friends? I had dropped enough hints over the previous weeks, even joking that there was still time to send me a card, but seemingly to no avail.

Switching on my computer though, there were plenty of messages from good friends (and some less good ones), wishing me Happy Birthday on my Facebook wall. In fact there were 57 such messages, differing in content and level of rudeness! But even though my friends had not forgotten, I felt slightly empty because these messages had been sent electronically.

It was the Chinese who first sent cards to wish health and happiness for a new year and it is believed that Ancient Egyptians would convey their feelings on papyrus scrolls. Over the centuries, it has become huge business to send cards to celebrate special occasions, events and so on, but it feels that this is changing. With our lives dominated by the internet, it seems there is less time - or even need - to sit down and write somebody a card.

We need to show people we care and I honestly believe that this is best achieved by choosing a card we know someone will appreciate and sending that card with love. It really does not take long and the satisfaction that it gives far outweighs 50+ electronic messages probably sent by friends running for a train or sitting on the loo (you know who you are!).

There is a place for social media – to post excellent blogs of course, but I am with John Beeder:

There really is nothing quite like a greeting card to send a special message.

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