What day is it today?

In our line of business, we love to have reasons to create cards.

I was therefore delighted to find out that 4 December was National Sock Day. Well I say delighted, that’s perhaps too strong a sentiment – but I was certainly curiously interested. It got me wondering why that date was the day to honour sock wearers, when surely many of us wear at least one pair every day of the year?

I embarked on an investigation into National Days, what they are, when they are and who gets to choose them? It did not take long for me to find a plethora of fascinating information! There are in fact over 1,200 official National Days every year (so the average is just over three per day) and the range of subjects covered is mind-blowing and baffling in equal measure. We have (some of my favourites): September 19 – International Talk like a Pirate Day; November 25 – National Flossing Day; November 1 – National Deep Fried Clam Day.

A fabulous heraldic boar painting!

It turns out that National Sock Day (which shares its special date with National Cookie Day and National Dice Day) recognises the ’rarest of all lasting unities, the marriage of matched socks’. It was created to celebrate the sock couples who remain teamed up – even ’tiny baby socks who manage to stay together’. The founders of National Sock Day apparently ’turned the tables on holidays that brought attention…to individualism, like No Sock Day on 8 May and National Lost Sock Day on 9 May’. It is nice to think in these often dark times that people somewhere are celebrating the success of keeping their socks in pairs – it gives you a warm feeling inside – as well as warm toes, obviously.

Make your own

So can we as individuals get to choose and create our own National Day? It is actually incredibly simple to do, although success is in no way guaranteed. You can actually register your own National Day or Month on There is a simple form to fill in, allowing you to list all the details of your special day – though the rules on what you can choose are quite strict (well you wouldn’t want just anything being celebrated!). The application form does come with a warning as well, that there is a backlog of applications. Funny that…

So as you spend your time writing your Christmas cards and wrapping the presents, keep in mind the following National days over the festive period:

  • 24 December – National Eggnog Day

  • 25 December – National Pumpkin Pie Day

  • 26 December – National Whiners Day

  • 27December – National Fruitcake Day

  • 28 December – National Card Playing Day

All that is left for me to say is that I hope you had a great International Ninja Day (5 December) and best wishes for December 18 when it is officially Answer the Telephone like Buddy the Elf Day. I’m off to get the cards sorted out in time.

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