Valentine's Day Massacred?

So, another busy time of the year for us card makers – Valentine’s Day. Or, to give it its full title, the celebration of the Feast of St Valentine.

Significant otters, snuggling one another

The shops (independents and chains) are full of cards to celebrate this day, adorned with hearts, teddy bears and gushing phrases – expressing undying love for that important person in your life.

As a man though, I find these types of cards intimidating. It’s probably just me, but I do not believe that I can express my love any more clearly than saying to my partner, “I love you” – and for her (hopefully) to reciprocate.

To be faced with a giant teddy bear holding a heart and an iffy poem that rhymes loosely in places, does not express any special feelings to me. Perhaps it is as I get older that actions speak louder than words!

So I want a card which will mean something to my wife personally (and there must be other people like me around?) – a card with a beautifully painted picture of something that is important to her: her favourite animal, favourite flower, or even a card within which I can write my own message of love (hang on, I think I feel a poem coming on…).

There is no arguing that receiving a Valentine’s Day card is enjoyable and exciting and makes the recipient feel cared for and loved. Wouldn’t your beloved though feel more cherished if the card were genuine and heartfelt, rather than containing vomit-inducing sentiments comparing him or her to anything and everything remotely fragrant, cuddly or fluffy?

So as we approach the 14th, spend special time with the person you love and let them know what they mean to you…in your own words. Buy them a card and a present that symbolises something special for them. After all who knows them better than you?

In the meantime, I’m off to book a table for Valentine’s evening…I think I’m right in remembering that my wife loves snooker.

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